On Tour: Maroc – Lamb Shank Tagine With Jewelled Herbed Bulgar Wheat

Over the next months La Petite Bouchée is going on a virtual tour, a tour of French colonies past and we’ll be stopping off at Maroc,Vietnam, Lebanon and Louisiana in

Escargot À La Bourguinonne

Escargot (snails) are a food that is very closely associated with the French, smothered in  garlic and served in their shells. And it is one of those Marmite dishes, that

Tapenade d’Artichauts

  Tapenade is traditionally a Provençal dish containing olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil. Its name comes from the Provençal word for capers, tapenas. It is particularly popular in the

Gougères Au Fromage

We were delighted to welcome Gemma Thomas of Band of Bakers and various other guises along with her family back to La Petite Bouchee for Moules Frites recently. As usual

Pipérade à L’Oeuf

   I love Pipérade, I love it in its traditional state. No messing, straight up, however, add a baked egg, and a bit of Piment d’Espelette and you have a dish

Pique-Nique: Pan-Bagnat

We’re looking forward to the launch of our new event at La Petite Bouchee, Le Pique-Nique, where we’ll be filling baskets and pichets and heading parkwards armed with goodies. We’ll

Gratin de Pommes à La Dauphinoise

  Gratin dauphinois, also known as pinned de terre dauphinoise, potatoes à la dauphinoise and gratin de pommes à la dauphinoise, is a traditional regional French dish of potatoes, garlic


As we approach our Valentines event at La Petite Bouchee we thought we’d share one of our favourite dishes on the menu for Saturday. Bourride. Many people are familiar with bouillabaisse,

La Petite Bouchee Hollandaise Sauce

Sauce Hollandaise has as rich history as the sauce itself, its rich velvety texture is either served with fish or in our case at Sunday Brunch at La Petite Bouchee

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