Rillettes de Coquille St. Jacques

We love cooking with scallops at La Petite Bouchee, one of our favourite dishes is simply baked scallops with a delicious sauce au veirge, filled with the flavours of the

Sunday Brunch: Gruyère – Croque Madame

When you are reading this post this morning  I will be in my outdoor kitchen cooking with one of the most versatile cheeses made,Gruyère. On the menu at La Petite

La Gargote – Vichyssoise

  As La Petite Bouchee prepares to launch La Gargote in early February, we thought we’d share some of the recipes we’ll be serving up at that event. La Gargote

Winter Warmers – Tartiflette

One of the things of I love about this rich, rib-sticking dish is its simplicity, A few ingredients go along way and although it doesn’t look much, it sure tastes

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